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New Construction Homes NH

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The number of new construction homes in New Hampshire has been in a decline. In Rockingham County there is only 89 brand new houses for sale while 123 new homes have been sold in 2009. Although the inventory of new construction is decreasing home builders are still reluctant to start new projects.

These days new construction builders prefer to build custom houses whereas in the good times they were ready to start spec homes, i.e. new homes without having a buyer or a contract in hand. Times are tougher: new construction costs have not come down, new construction materials are still expensive and it is harder to get new construction loans. Instead of the low down-payments of yesterday, now 20-30% deposits are required from the New Hampshire home buyer or  builder.Construction to permanent loans are still available, but fees have gone up along with the down-payments.

The only good news in New Hampshire new construction is that land prices have come down 20-30% off their peak in 2004-2005. This helps builders to compete with the distressed resale market where anxious home sellers are reducing home prices monthly. As a result, new construction checklists have turned into home buyer wish lists, buyers who would normally be ready to start on their dream home, are just waiting for the perfect house to come on the market.

For sale new construction bargains in Southern New Hampshire:

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