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Oceanfront Homes for Sale New Hampshire

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New Hampshire beach front homes for sale are in short supply. Only 18 luxury beachfront homes are offered for sale on the 18 miles of seacoast of the Atlantic Ocean. Prices range from $395,000 to $5,000,000 for an estate on 1.38 acres on Straws Point in Rye NH. Oceanfront real estate is pricy! Among the beach front properties for sale there are six oceanfront condos, which can be considered cheap beachfront real estate with their price tags of $290,000 to a modest half million for a 2,360 square foot townhouse on Harbor road in Hampton New Hampshire.

In 2009 only 13 NH ocean front properties were sold in the $230,00 to 2 million range, at a rate of one beachfront home sold per month on the average. Oceanfront condo sales amounted to one unit in the whole year! Residential real estate is slow, but appears hectic compared to the glacial pace of ocean front property sales in New Hampshire.

Amazingly, vacant land still exists on the New Hampshire ocean shoreline, there are two building lots for sale, on for $799,000 in Hampton with a right of way to the water and another for $1,295,000 in Seabrook New Hampshire with 50 ft of direct beach frontage.

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